Gov. Walker Hides Prices for Insurance

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Times are tough for everyone in Wisconsin, especially for small business owners and their employees who work hard every day to please their customers. Their budgets are tighter than ever, and they are driving down all of their business expenses to survive, the largest one being costs for health insurance. When making business decisions, every successful small business owner asks, "How much is it?"

In past decades, when it came to health insurance, prices were not transparent and small business owners made decisions in the dark — and lost a lot of money.

Things have changed for the better.

On Oct. 1, small business owners will be able to shop online for the best insurance plan at the best price in our new Health Insurance Marketplace. No longer will small businesses stand alone; they will create a large buying group to leverage down insurance prices.

Think about it — an openly competitive and transparent health insurance marketplace, just what this doctor ordered when helping to shape our nation's new health care law.

The health care law is good for our health and the bottom lines of small businesses, provided prices are openly revealed. That's why I am surprised by Gov. Scott Walker's decision to hide insurance rates for the health plans about to be sold in Wisconsin's online exchange.

What is Walker hiding? Why is he not showing job creators in small business the prices for insuring their employees? Is Walker against a free market?

Why is Walker holding back our economy? Small businesses will create the jobs we need to grow our economy if they can see how much health insurance will cost.

Walker has a lot of questions to answer, such as why he has failed to create the 250,000 new jobs he promised, but the question small business owners want answered is this: "How much is it?"

Walker was wrong about creating jobs, educating our children, protecting our environment, rights of working-class heroes, women's health and our fundamental right to vote — and he is dead wrong on health care. Access to affordable care saves lives and money.

How much is it, governor? Show us the prices.


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