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~ On Life ~

"The purpose of life is to find the purpose."

"Be kind to thy beloved self; never do anything to hurt yourself."

"If you force anything, force a smile."

"Everything in life is temporary. So, relax and enjoy it."

~ On Education ~

"Study, study, study. Read, read, read."

"Tuition will always be your best investment."

"Shoot for the A, and settle for the B."

"An educated population is more prosperous and peaceful."

"Education is a life-long process; your education never really ends."

"Any society that fails to educate all their children will cease to exist."

~ On Confidence ~

"I am 93 and just getting started."

"I’m taking in nourishment everyday, trying to keep my head above water."

"Do your best and be content, for no one can do better than one’s best."

"You can handle it!"

~ On Mankind ~

"Human beings are protoplasmic, problem solving animals."

"Hopefully, in life you will solve more problems than you create."

"If you force anything, force a smile."

"The real enemies of Mankind are Ignorance, Fear, Superstition and Disease."

~ On Listening ~

"Everyone has something they feel is important. Find out what it is."

~ On Business ~

"If it’s good for business, it’s going to happen; I just want it to be legal."

"Don’t do business with your family– it changes everything."

"Be sure to get paid before the tears of gratitude run dry."

~ On Money ~

"If you see something you like and you have the money, buy it. If you see something you like and you don’t have the money, don’t buy it. That’s all you need to know about money."

"Money is just a way of keeping score."

"Money is a problem solver; if you have a problem, throw money at it and the problem disappears.”"

"Save ½ of the money you take home, and live on ¼ of it. The other ¼ is called piss money - life is short, have some fun."

~ On Winning ~

"You will win every argument with two words: 'You're Right.'"

"Or you can win by agreeing in one word: 'Exactly.'"

~ On Thinking ~

"Always think things all the way through; half-baked opinions are expensive."

"When reading anything, always ask yourself three questions: What does it say; what does it mean; and is it true?"

~ On Being Kind ~

"Be kind to yourself, then at least one person in the world will be happy."

~ On Love ~

"Love is attentive appreciation."

"The need for love is a bottomless pit."

"Reassure. Reassure. Reassure."

"The most precious gift you can give someone is your time."

~ On Children ~

"A child’s job is to ask for things; a parent’s job is to respond, 'Thanks for asking.'"

~ On War ~

"Talk them out of making war; we can’t afford war in the nuclear age."

~ On Truth ~

"Truth is a matter of one’s angle of vision; to understand something, look at it from all sides."

~ On Government ~

"Government determines who gets what piece of the pie."

"We need leaders at all levels of government with good judgment."

~ On the Blues ~

"Everyone has the blues some time in life; good thing the blues are temporary."

~ On Mistakes ~

"I hope all your mistakes are inexpensive."

~ On Advice ~

"Unsolicited advice is seldom appreciated."

~ On Being a Physician ~

"Do only what is best for the patient, not the hospital administrator, not the insurance company or even the patient’s family."

"The patient must always be the center of the universe."