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Senior Care - Saving Our Seniors

an open letter to President W. Bush

March 8, 2007

President George W. Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20500


Dear Mr. President:

I am writing to respectfully request that your administration authorize a waiver for SeniorCare - an extraordinarily successful prescription drug program for Wisconsin seniors.

As you are aware from my previous communications, SeniorCare has provided access to affordable prescription drug coverage to nearly 110,000 of Wisconsin’s most needy population - our elders. SeniorCare has earned extremely strong popular and political support. SeniorCare has saved its enrollees and their families thousands of dollars, even as it improves the quality of life for all people in Wisconsin each and every day.

Kindly allow me to briefly explain the 3 most important benefits of SeniorCare:

  1. SeniorCare Saves Our Tax Dollars – when compared to Medicare Part D, SeniorCare offers a broader range of pharmaceuticals at nearly half the cost to our federal government (federal costs for SeniorCare are $617 per month vs. $1,174 for Part D);
  2. 94 Out of 100 Seniors Are Better Off on SeniorCare - it is better for Wisconsin seniors to be enrolled in SeniorCare than Medicare Part D, according to the AARP; and
  3. SeniorCare has a Simple 1 Page Application and $30 Annual Fee – it offers a far simpler application process to our elders than does the complex private insurance companycontrolled Medicare Part D.

Simply put, Wisconsin’s SeniorCare is simpler, cost-effective and provides a greater range of medications to those who need them most – our elders. SeniorCare is the best prescription drug program in the nation, and as a newly elected physician in Congress, I encourage you to promote its success.

SeniorCare has been great for our senior’s health and a great deal as well for our federal government’s business. We know from our experiences that prevention pays, and as SeniorCare is good for business and our health, how could anyone consider not authorizing this program for another three years?

Perhaps the most important lesson I have learned during my young political career is this: It is politicians who determine who will live and who will die. For it is politicians who will decide who does - and more critically - who does not have affordable health care. As a physician, I see and feel this crisis every single day.

As president, you have the ability to save the lives of thousands of my patients, my family members and my neighbors. We need your help – and we need it now. Please, Mr. President, join us in celebrating SeniorCare’s success by granting a waiver for another three years.

Please, be kind to our elders.

Most Sincerely,

Steve Kagen, M.D.
Member of Congress
Wisconsin – 08